Building a renewable energy infrastructure platform

Renova Capital is a Denver-based private investment partnership founded in 2007 to finance, develop, own and aggregate middle-market renewable energy infrastructure assets, often with joint venture partners. We concentrate on projects or companies that generate clean, affordable and reliable biofuel and power. Specifically we are focused in several verticals including biomass-to-fuel, energy storage and microgrids, and distributed solar. Renova was the founding investor of Main Street Power Company, a distributed solar developer, which was sold to AES (NYSE: AES) in 2015.

Renova has formed a joint venture with Ensyn (, a longtime producer of renewable fuels and chemicals. Ensyn’s commercially-proven technology converts woody biomass and other cellulosic material into a biocrude which used as a heating oil replacement or as feedstock for oil refineries. Through the joint venture, Renova and Ensyn work together to develop and finance a pipeline of biorefinery projects throughout the U.S.

Acquiring assets and providing strategic growth capital

Renova looks for investment opportunities to acquire platforms, well performing operating assets, or projects already in advanced stages of development. We seek to partner or form joint ventures with proven management teams who have significant experience operating or developing renewable projects and who are in need of capital to expand or achieve economies of scale.

Making renewable energy development projects bankable

Renova partners with both best-in-class owners/operators of assets and developers to expand and scale their businesses. We seek to acquire and develop late-stage opportunities that have several critical elements in place:

  • Permits in hand, or clear path permitting and entitlements
  • Secure and reliable fuel feedstock
  • Commercially-proven technologies
  • Guaranteed price contracts for engineering, procurement and construction
  • Secure long-term off-take agreements with credit-worthy counter parties
  • Experienced development teams with a proven track record

Investing in several renewable energy sectors

Renova partners with both best-in-class owners/operators of assets to expand and scale their businesses. We seek to acquire existing assets with quality management teams, strong cashflows and long-term offtake contracts. Our goal is to provide the necessary strategic capital to companies or projects in our targeted verticals and build a diversfied renewable power platform.

Currently, our major areas of focus include:

  • Biomass to Next Generation Renewable Fuels
  • Energy Management and Storage
  • Microgrids
  • Distributed Solar

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